Jack Beaton

I design, manage, and deliver software.

I research the needs of users and customers, design products that satisfy them and profit the business, and work with developers to get it built and delivered.

I've worked as a product manager, designer, researcher, and programmer. I've worked on software for fintech, healthcare, adtech, aerospace, automotive, and several other industries. I've worked inside tech giants, and launched startups. I've worked half and half on the agency side, and the client side.

I've published academic research on user research methods.

I live and work on the Los Angeles Westside today, but I'm actually a Marylander who spent his 30s in NYC. I came to LA to bring my children next door to their cousins, and they're just so happy now.

I'm known for taking a lot of notes.

These are all things I do:

Here is what I bring to software companies:

Unusual experiences you can ask me about:

Contact: jackbeaton@gmail.com

Location: Los Angeles, CA

LinkedIn: in/jackbeaton